July 30th, 2017

40 mins 59 secs

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This past Sunday, we welcomed Pastor Andrew Rogers, a former counselor with Soul Care, College Park's counseling ministry, and currently serving as Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Biblical Counseling at Boyce College.

From Pastor Andrew: There are seasons in our lives, some longer and more intense than others when we are consumed by grief and despair. When we feel like we are in the deepest darkest gully in between the mountains. We feel like we are in a pit that we have no idea how to get out of. We are full of grief, we are tired, we are sore, we sense the darkness coming in on us, all hope seems lost – we are stuck in a gully of gloom. We see the mountaintop, which promises tranquility, calmness, and serenity, but we don’t see how to get there. David expresses that feeling in Psalm 13. He shows us the path from the gully of gloom to the summit of serenity.