Substitute Suffering (Isaiah 53:4-6)


March 8th, 2021

32 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

The centerpiece and middle part of the five-part Servant Song that is Isaiah 52:13-53:12 brings to the foreground the Servant’s suffering. He was indeed characterized by grief and sorrow, as 53:3 taught, but those sorrows were not his own: they were ours, which he lifted off of us and placed on himself. Carrying our sins and sorrows made him our substitute, the one who suffered on our behalf, the one whose suffering saved us and brought us peace.

Join us as we dive into “Substitute Suffering” from Isaiah 53:4-6 and see how all of our griefs, all of our sins, and all of our defects are healed at the cross of Jesus Christ.