Throwback Episode - GO Time Interview with the Singleterrys


July 3rd, 2021

37 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Did you miss our GO Time podcasts from the fall? We're releasing the five interviews over the next few months. In this episode, you'll hear a few stories from her in missions and catch up with Janet and Andy Singleterry.

The purpose of our GO Time podcast series is to introduce our missionaries to you and to share a few stories from their time in missions. Hopefully these stories are an encouragement to you, and prompt you to praise God for the work He is doing in and through our missionaries.

On this podcast, we’ll also encourage you to prayerfully consider joining their support team - this could look like financial or prayer support, or just even signing up for regular updates.

Ready to commit support? Follow the link below to join their support team: